Thursday, February 16, 2017

David's Cooking

David now does at least 90% of the cooking here. Most evening I am busy or too tired to bother! the past couple of years David has started to do more and more of the meal planning and cooking. The past couple of months he has branched out into baking. He loves trying out new recipes, last month it was apple cake!  But his favorite dessert  is choux cream.  He has made these a few times.  Most of the time the choux pastry puffs up and is really light, with custard, cream and strawberries inside the dessert is really  great! A couple of times they have flopped and became dog food, she will eat almost anything.  Except real dog food!   When I was down stairs earlier I saw David stirring away in the kitchen!  Tonight's dessert is choux cream!!!

These are the ones he made last week!  They don't last at all!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Few Photos

Got David to upload some photos!

From our Halloween party.  Mikey got wrapped in toilet paper to look like a Mummy!

trying to put up the Christmas tree, took two days!

Students helping with the other tree

But decorated Mikey instead!
David doing "first footing" New Years Eve

Christopher's birthday

Hannah ready to go back to school!

Hope you enjoyed these few photos! 

I'm Back

Haven't been anywhere but I am back to blogging. The past few months I have been without a reliable computer.  I gave up trying to post.  A few times I would be half way through a post when my computer would crash taking with it my writing!  I now have a lovely new computer and no excuses for not writing.  Thanks to all the people who sent me comments asking me to continue to write. It's nice to know that somebody is reading!

The past few months have been busy!
David got a temporary job for about a month,  doing land surveying in Kumamoto (yes the place where the earthquakes happened).  Between earthquakes and typhoons a lot of land was destroyed and boundaries between land were lost.  David spent almost three weeks there, staying at a small ryokan (typical Japanese Inn). The work wasn't too hard, but long hours!  He came back for a week, then left again for Kumamoto to go a driving school. He passed his drivers test on the first try!  But until we change the insurance he can't drive!  He is itching to drive.  And to tell the truth once he can drive it will be so much better for me. David doesn't mind shopping!

December was four years since my husband died. This past memorial was hard for me!  Part of it was seeing how much my kids had done in the past four years and how much hubby had missed out on!

Christmas was okay.  I got sick with a really heavy head cold.  I ended up going to the doctors because I couldn't stop coughing!  New Years was much better and I could really enjoy myself.  didn't do much but nice food, few good DVDs and fun with the kids was what I needed to kick of the new year!

The big news is that I am going to England the end of this month!  It's been 13 years since I've been back.  Far too long!  I am going with Christopher and Hannah.  Mikey and David will go a month later. I am really looking forward to this trip.  Just a chance to get out of Japan for a few days will help!  Also a chance to see my family.

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Made A Start!

When I wrote about my house being a mess I had a plan!
I planned that once October started and the weather cooled down I would go through the house like a tornado!
First week of October it was still HOT!  Not warm but hot, 32C for about a week, then we had a typhoon blow by and the weather has finally cooled a bit.
So I put the plan into action, for two days!
I have a walk in closet in my bedroom but I can't walk into it. So that was my starting point.  I boxed up my husbands suits and a load of textbooks from elementary school.  Hannah tossed a draw full of prints that she had from last year!  Took a whole afternoon but it made some space!
I also tackled one cupboard in the kitchen, found that I had tea from five years ago!  Not nice!
The forecast for this week is cooler weather so I am going to get to work again and see if I can do one room completely!  Would be nice!

I've also joined the 21st century.  I have an iPad.  I have resisted this for ages!  I have a kindle fire which similar to an iPad but I wanted something with LINE on!  Christopher has a college trip to Korea the end of this month and I wanted a way to keep in touch with him. Of course the kids are playing on the iPad more than me! 

Sunday, September 18, 2016


I realized yesterday that living in Japan I am constantly worried about natural disasters!  Japan is one of the most dangerous places to live when it comes to nature.  Between earthquakes, volcanoes, typhoons, thunderstorms and incredible rain storms that causes floods or landslides there is always something to worry about and try to prepare for!  But when I was watching the news yesterday about the explosion in New York and the stabbings in Minnesota I felt that if I lived in the UK it would be the next terror attack or somebody going crazy attacking people that would have me on edge!  Whenever I watch the news I feel as if the world has gone crazy. Not just the people but the planet it self.  There just seems to be so much negative energy from earthquakes to killer storms to terror attacks to people going crazy and killing!  Maybe we need more positive energy in this world to heal both the planet and the people!  So even though I am an eternal pessimist I am going to try and send out positive, loving energy.  Every bit helps!
As I'm writing this I am wondering if the typhoon that has been forecast for tomorrow will hit or not.  Yesterday we had thunderstorms all afternoon and the most incredible rain!  Today it is drizzling.  Who knows what tomorrow will bring.  If the storm hits it will bring high winds as well as more rain.  Rivers in this area are already a flood level. We really don't need more rain! 

Friday, September 16, 2016

Work Experience

This past week the 2nd grade kids from Hannah's school had work experience.  Hannah and two of her friends got to spend two days at a local old peoples home.  For Hannah it was a real eye opener! The first thing she said after day one was that she never wants to work in that kind of place!  It is hard work, both physically and emotionally.  I think Hannah had a good time, she came back with some funny stories.  The first day one old lady, in her 80's, kept saying that she was only in her 60's and didn't understand why she had to stay at the home!  The staff told Hannah that she is a different age everyday and not to worry about her!  Then Hannah was asked to get a hair dryer from one of the bathrooms.  She opened the door to find a naked old man in there, talk about shock!  The second day they spent time making a poster with the old people.  Hannah felt sad that most of the people there couldn't grip a pencil or use scissors.  It made her think about her own future as well.  What she wants to do and how to get there!   All in all a positive experience!

We are waiting to see if this typhoon is going to hit or not!  According to the forecast it looks like next Tuesday.  The last typhoon that was forecast for this area died out before it got to us, we got a load of rain but no wind!  I am hoping for the same this time.  Most of the kids are hoping for a real typhoon so they can have a day off school!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016


My house is a mess!
A disaster!
Every room is over run with things.  The bedrooms are the worst!  Clothes spill out of the closets onto the floor!  Clean laundry is left lying around!
I need to get sorted.  I need to throw out stuff that we no longer use or need!
But I don't and my kids are following my example which is very bad!
Part of my problem is that I worry if I let things go I won't be able to replace them!  So I have clothes that are too small for me.  Drawers that are full of clothes that I haven't worn for about 5 years but I feel bad when I think about throwing them out.  I feel guilty that I have wasted money on things!  Crazy because I almost never buy clothes for myself!
Then there is the problem of the books!  I have hundreds if not thousands of books.  I have book shelves all over the place.  Some I have read and will want to read again.  Some like my cook books I look at time and again,  finding new recipes or making recipes that I know everybody loves.  But then I have books I bought when the kids were little and I wanted them to learn English.  Those take up a lot of space and aren't being used but again it is hard to throw them out.
But I am tired of trying to organize stuff.  This house is very dusty and because stuff is lying around then the dust builds up and drives me crazy!
So  I have to try and sort out.  That is going to be my mission for the rest of this year.  I really want to get things in order. 
Then there is the garden.  But that is another post!!!